Friday, February 17, 2012

Asthma? Say whaaaaa?

That's right. In the past, I have always been troubled with tightening in my chest. Right in the bronchial area. I now realized that it is linked to my wheezing and coughing. Because of this new discovery, I have decided it is necessary to go gluten-free and for the most part, dairy-free. I cheat a little here and there so that I don't go completely gluten and dairy crazy. I have noticed a difference in my respiratory health since I have cut out gluten and dairy. I hope that I will be able to find new and exciting gluten-free and dairy-free products and recipes. For now I will review one product. DeBoles Gluten-free brown rice speghetti style pasta.

Now, for me, I am allergic to tomatoes, which makes the very idea of eating spaghetti depressing. But luckily for me, olive oil and crushed garlic sprinkled with salt is enough for me.

The pasta was very good, however, be very careful when cooking it. Read the instructions carefully, because all gluten-free pasta's are very easy to over cook. I have had many a bowl of mushy pasta, and it is really a taste bud let down.

If you are a huge spaghetti fan, I would definitely recommend this brand, because it is very reasonably priced, compared to other gluten-free pasta's, and the taste is great.

As for now, I am in the process of making a Bob's Red Mill gluten-free bread machine bread. And I have a feeling it will be a flop. But here's for hoping it's not!!

Au revior mis amis!

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