Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hello Friends!

2012 has been absolutely fabulous thus far! I have been up the coast to see my dad and my brother, and I have had plenty of time to do things around the house that I want to. I did post-pone my schooling until Spring Term, but that is only a minor set back. I just made a home-made pizza and it was so delicious! I highly recommend making your own pizza from here on out. Explain? Well there is a certain dough conditioner that most every store bakery/delicatessen, pizzeria, and restaurant use to make their dough so fluffy. It's a little bugger they call, "L-Cystine". This is an amino acid that is derived from duck feathers, and human hair. Disgusting, right? Well maybe you'll think again before sinking your teeth into a Dominoes pizza slice? Or what about those rolls that you like buying from the local delicatessen? Find out more about this dirty little ingredient here :

And so now that you know why I was inspired to make home-made pizza, I thought I would give you a look at how tasty some pizza looks when it's not made with corpse hair or duck feathers:

<3 Au revoir mis amis!


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