Friday, April 2, 2010

What IS the deal with Spam?

Back in the 1930's, the new and "unmistakenly improved" lunchmeat came in a can. Packed full of nitrates and other mystery ingredients, Spam became a very popular part of meals. But what was it about this processed mysterious meat (in a can) that made it a regular ingredient in most common American recipes?

The name 'Spam' originated from the term, "Shoulder of Pork and Ham"(According to Wikipedia). Or even the name, 'Spiced Ham'. The funny thing is, that Spam has the same look, smell and canned-ready easiness of a can of Whiskers cat food. Not too mention, it is about the same exact price! If it's really just ham. . . why don't they just say so?

Let's take a look at what REALLY is in this celebrated Spam, shall we?

*Mechanically separated shoulder of pork and pork meat.

(notice. . . 'mechanically separated'? So the industrial machines in the Spam Factories are pulling apart piggy meat, and throwing it in a grinder, and putting it all together in a can for you. Let's hope you don't get a little hoof in your can.)



*Modified Potato Starch

(What are they, or have they done to modify the potato starch? Guess no one really knows the truth on the matter.)

*Sodium Nitrites

(Used to keep it's color. . . Really curious to know what mouth-watering color Spam really is, anyway, this is a chemical and what makes it okay to eat?)


(Gelatonous substance from the broth that is produced from the making of Spam. Believe it or not people eat Aspic itself, during meals. Yum, nothing says ''Boy am I hungry" like a big heaping plate of Porky Aspic.)

And there you have it, Spam in a can. World famous mystery meat that is regularly consumed and used in over a hundred recipes. Will the Spam fad ever die? Is spam really just pork? Why do people still eat it? Age-old questions, same old excuses.

Bon Apetit Monsieur-dames!

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