Thursday, April 22, 2010

paint my nails pink with yellow polka dots

So Today I have to make a big decision. It's the age-old question, Should we stay or should we go? To move, or not to move? I find myself torn on the matter, but today I have to decide. . .

Stay in this big, no good city, or move back to the big O.

I don't like it here for many reasons. For one, there is a schizophrenic living up the street. Two, it has made our dog an indoor dog. Three, there was something shot through our window. Four, I have no motivation to leave the house because I'm afraid of the druggies and murderers. There are many more but I don't really want to sit and list them. But you get where I'm going with this?

Obviously, I understand that this could happen in any city, but I feel that it is all too much to handle. I think that the things I have seen of this city are way beyond what I thought I'd find. It's a big redneck city, and I want out!!

So I guess I've already made up my mind. I do feel bad about it though, because D---- is working his ass off at work trying to make a lot of money. But, I'm still here in this crap hole redneck city where I'm sure there is some incest rape happening three doors down the street. I haven't even looked for work. I hate it here, end of story.

au revoir les amis.
<3 the girl in the purple shoes

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