Friday, April 16, 2010

On the bright side of things

I've been stressed out a bit the last week, and I fully appologize for not writting.

The only thing I have had to think about is the US Beef supply. I recently discovered that the beed that is raised in the US isn't really the best beef to purchase. It has anti-biotics and a heavy amount of copper metal in it. The fact that Mexico turned down United States beef because it wasn't up to Mexico's Standards, makes me a little sick to my stomach. My fiance and I have been trying to decypher where to buy meat, being careful and making sure it says the meat is from the US. And now with this new information, I wonder to myself, Why aren't we all dead or infected with cancer cysts? How is it that we are surviving if so many bad things are being put in our food? Is it just a hoax?

Milk is also known to have a growth hormone in it, which apparentely causes cancer and boosts human growth as much as it did for the cow. Ever notice the height of americans has increased through the years? Also, has anyone heard about the males in mexico who were drinking the hormone treated milk and eventually grew man boobs? It's pretty easy to avoid the hormones in milk, as opposed to contaminated meat. Just grab the milk that says, rBGH free, on the label. I know for a fact that brands such as Darigold, and Lucerne milk are all hormone free.

I used to think that people were crazy, but reading labels is really important. Be aware of what goes into your body.

As for the meat problem, let the research continue.

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