Wednesday, April 21, 2010

alas, the rain has returned

That's right, there is no longer a sweat bead above my brow. I am now having to bundle up and stay inside. Which is alright, on a count of, I haven't any car or friends to go see. Bummer. I'll just talk to my blog friends, who I know secretly care. Hey Ray-Bel. haha.

Anyway, I had this strange dream last night that I was at Oregon State University visiting a friend or looking for my fiance D----. I was wearing an OSU orange sweatshirt, but it said, "UTAH" clearly and very boldly on the front. I approached this girl who was obviously an upper classman, and she didn't like that "UTAH" was on my shirt, so she violently pushed me down the stairs. And I stumbled back up them as she talked down to me, but I couldn't make out the harsh words. Finally I stopped the unintelligible foul talk, and simply said, "Hey, I got this at the Goodwill, I love OSU!". She appologized to an annoying extent and let me proceed. So finally I make it up all the stairs which felt like took me five minutes, and I find an old friend from 6th grade named, Amanda.

She showed me into the class room and said that I might know the professor. Sure enough, it was my 11th grade, British Literature teacher. But she looked awful. Like she had taken up smoking and she had aged about ten years in the amount of only three. She remembered exactly who I was, and I asked if there were any new books she would recommend. She was suddenly furious, and wanted me to leave. So I took my leave as quickly as possible.

I woke up after that. I did take psychology, but I didn't feel like looking up the possible hidden meanings. Maybe you know what they are?

The musical 'Wicked' is coming to my town, and I feel like I should go see it. I want to, very much so, but the tickets are probably jacked up in price. Has anyone an opinion of it? I hear it's amazing. I've been longing for a good play/musical.

Au revoir les amis!

<3 girl in the purple shoes

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